I’m a Leftie

It’s true. I’m a leftie and I decided to do art.

Now, if you’ve ever met a leftie, you probably know that we are prone to smudges, which does make this whole thing a bit interesting. I can’t say that I’ve never ruined a nearly finished piece, but I’ve learned to embrace the smudges and check my hands and arms often.

I was originally going to start this blog by saying, “It’s true. I’m a leftie and I’m an artist.” But I’m not sure that I quite identify with the word “artist” by itself. Add “handlettering” in front of “artist” and that’s getting a little closer to how I look at myself. Except, I do more than just handletter, at this point. But I’ll get to that later.

The word “artist” feels very official and serious to me, and the truth is, I’m neither of those things. Art is my creative outlet. It’s my space to have fun, and stretch my brain a little bit, after sitting at my work computer all day. So rather than calling myself an “artist,” I think I better identify as a “creative.” That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t be ELATED to do art in a more professional capacity (commissions, anyone?), but no matter where this takes me, I’m determined to make it fun.

When I first started this creative journey that I’m on, I started learning “handlettering”. I don’t make that any more specific, because when I started, I didn’t think of “handlettering” as anything more than brush pen calligraphy. Though brush pen lettering is an aspect of art that I still focus heavily on, I’ve expanded to so much more.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve expanded into experimenting with different letter types, watercolor, and drawing with different mediums. (My next stop is digital lettering and drawing, in case you were curious).

With all of that being said, this isn’t a classical art blog and this isn’t a classical calligraphy blog. It’s a blog of my lettering (modern brush lettering and otherwise), my watercoloring, my attempts at sketching and drawing, the new things I learn, and everything in between and around.

I can’t really tell you exactly what this blog is going to be, except that I can tell you that there will most certainly be a lot of color, and probably a few leftie smudges.


Enjoy some pictures below of me, and my assistant, Milo, who doesn’t do much except get in my way

Instagram: @katieanne.art

Email: katielamberth.art@gmail.com

All of the work displayed in this blog is my original work, and my images cannot be used without my permission. Feel free to comment with any constructive criticisms, suggestions, or plain comments! Any requests for commission can be sent to me at katielamberth.art@gmail.com.

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